You know what I learned from Thirty Days of Giving Thanks this November?  Be love.  That’s it. Plain and simple.

Give love.  Get love.  BE love.

When you give thanks and open yourself to receive the gifts of gratitude, the love pours in.  Your heart expands, your energy radiates and you’re reminded of the important things in life.

Not acquiring more stuff.

Not feeding the chaos.

Not believing the negative thoughts that have kept us from living our truth.

Nope.  Gratitude reminds us that WE ARE LOVE and that LIFE is a gift.

I wish you a PEACE-filled start to your holiday season.  May you find JOY in the simple moments. May you feel gratitude in your heart.  May you laugh and play and be silly.  May you let go of “shoulds” and “have to’s.”  May you be filled with the true gifts of this season – peace, contentment and LOVE.

I will be taking a break from blogging on A Free Spirit Life over the month of December in my attempt to simplify.  I’ll be focusing my attention on my new e-course, Outside In:  A Return to Stillness and enjoying the everyday holiday moments with the ones I love.

Let’s stay connected, though, on my Facebook page!  Stop by and join A Free Spirit Life on Facebook where I’ll be sharing inspiration on creativity, wellness and living a free-spirited life throughout the holidays!  Visit HERE to connect.  And stop by Rhythm of the Home Magazine to read my most recent article, Finding Center and Letting Your Heart Lead the Way.

Your Personal Reflection:

What have you learned from giving and receiving gratitude?  How will you stay centered this holiday season so you don’t get swept away by the stress and chaos, but rather fully experience the gifts of being present and filled with peace, love and JOY?

Outside In: A Return to Stillness

This PEACE-filled online experience starts tomorrow!
December 1st – 31st

If you are still wondering if Outside In is right for you, here is a reminder of the gifts you’ll receive: 

  • two inspirational videos
  • two guided audio meditations to download
  • 31 daily reflections to inspire staying centered and PEACE-filled this holiday season
  • connection to amazing community of life-explorers from around the world
  • tips on starting new traditions
  • ways to cherish family time
  • thoughts on letting go of “perfect”
  • being open to gratitude
  • ways to rest, relax and renew
  • creative, simple gift ideas
  • inspiration to spend less, do less and have more fun
  • ideas on how to stay present (even amidst chaos)
  • setting intentions and preparing for the new year
Give yourself, and others, the best gift this season – the gift of stillness – a gift that will stay with you far beyond the month of December.


Visit HERE to join us.
With love,

Shannon xo