baby clothes

It has been a while since I’ve written about clutter.  But, it’s still something that’s on the forefront of my mind and heart.  Letting go of the physical, mental and spiritual junk is definitely a daily practice, and just when I think it’s getting easier, something like baby clothes, reminds me just how hard it is to give away things, especially with sentimental value.
I’ve taken advantage of some hot days to organize and now I have two full bins of clothes that no longer fit the boys.  Although I did set aside my very favorites, all the others I’m ready to let go of.  Or so I thought.  The bins have been sitting in my dining room for the past week.  I couldn’t get myself to bring them to the thrift store.  The consignment shop sort of interested me, but still, I avoided going.  Finally, I put a post on Facebook to see if anyone knew of a mom in need.  I did get a response – a soon-to-be mom of 3 who is expecting her first boy.  She could use some help.  And, even though I am more than happy to help, I noticed some sad feelings come up at the thought of letting the clothes go.
clothes donation

After taking some quiet time last night to reflect on what I was feeling, I realized that I was clinging to the clothes, the things, because really I’m feeling a sense of sadness that the precious newborn and early infant stage for my boys is over.  It’s gone.  Just like that. They are too big to fit in those tiny, tender little clothes.  The clothes that at one time I held in my arms only wondering what my sweet little baby would look like wearing them.
And now, not one, but two boys are too big for them.  They are growing before my very eyes.  Yes, just the thought of it can make me cry, yet, when I sit with these feelings, I see that I really only feel that sadness when I try to grip, hold on to, and resist the rhythm of life.  Everything changes.  Moments are temporary.  Life keeps moving on.  My children are growing out of their clothes.  
the boys

And then, I remember that I don’t have to hold on to the past, because the only moment I have is NOW.  I can let go.  Sometimes letting go is easy.  Sometimes it’s hard.  And if I choose to, I will carry the memories in my heart.  I can take a big, deep breath and smile knowing that all I need to do is enjoy, LIVE, fully experience, and have gratitude for the moments I do have with my boys.  And know that in letting go of the past I am making space for what’s to come.
Bye-bye baby clothes.  Oh, how I’ve loved zipping up my boys in those winter-newborn-jammies-with the-feet.  I know you will keep another baby warm.  
And I’ll keep celebrating this moment as a mother to my growing boys.
One day.
One moment.
One breath at a time…
Your Personal Reflection:  Is there something from your past that you are holding on to? What are you ready to let go of?