We are the only creatures that seek out guarantees, and in so doing, we snuff the spark that is discovery.

~ Mark Nepo

This is my last post this week to simply remind you that if you are planning to join us for Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery e-course and community – sign up today. REGISTRATION ENDS TONIGHT, Midnight, C.S.T.

Class officially starts Monday, October 12th. Because I stay home with my kids and work around their schedule, I need this week to dive deeply into all the amazing course content I have lined up for you. And I get to play, play, play with all my art journaling supplies! I’m so excited to set down the computer, step out of my head, relax and feel the joy that comes from playing with paint – without any care in the world what it looks like or how it turns out.

Because none of that matters. Perfect is so boring.

Keeping ourselves from enjoying the amazing healing powers of creativity and art…well that’s just plain silly. Because life is too short to feel restricted. Life zooms way too fast to be consumed by fear, stress and overwhelm.

I’m dedicated to blasting the doors wide open in this lifetime.

I want to break free of my silly mind that tells me I’m not doing it right, I’ll never be as good as her, or I’m not good enough.

You are good enough.

In fact you are better than good enough.


Keep sharing your awesomeness with the world…please…beautiful you.
Because you have gifts to share with us.

We need YOU.








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