1:1 Sessions with Shannon

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance | Sacred self-discovery


Dive deep into your unique Human Design energy blueprint, release trapped emotions with energy work, and receive intuitive guidance to align with your true essence. This session is your portal to profound self-discovery, offering a holistic approach to clearing blocks and obstacles that may be hindering your growth. Through a blend of Human Design exploration, Emotion Code releasing, and intuitive energy work, you’ll emerge feeling more energized, grounded, clear, and at peace. Whether you’re new to Human Design or seeking to deepen your understanding, this session provides tangible techniques to integrate into your life effortlessly, fostering a deeper connection to your authentic self and a greater understanding of your life’s direction and purpose.


After your Deep Dive Discovery Session, continue your journey with personalized intuitive spiritual guidance and energy work. Based on your evolving needs and challenges, this session offers compassionate support and uplifting perspective to navigate life’s complexities with clarity and grace. Through holistic life coaching, intuitive insights and energy healing, you’ll receive guidance tailored to your unique path, empowering you to move forward with confidence and alignment. Whether you’re seeking clarity in your life’s purpose, navigating career, relationship or health changes, seeking inspiration, or deepening your healing journey, these sessions provide a sacred space to explore and expand your consciousness, fostering deeper connection and self-awareness so you can feel happier, healthier and more authentically you.


For those seeking consistent support and transformation, immerse yourself in a weekly journey of alignment and empowerment for the entire month. Through ongoing intuitive guidance and energy work, this series of sessions offers a dedicated space for deepening your connection to self and spirit. Each week, you’ll receive personalized support to navigate challenges, amplify your strengths, and align with your highest potential. This offering provides an intimate opportunity to cultivate lasting transformation with four 60 minute calls on Zoom and personal weekly check-ins through email or text over 30 days.

It’s time to shine!

After years of training, teaching and empowering women, men and teens, I have crafted an informed and highly intuitive gift for sparking transformation and shining a light on your unique strengths and authentic brilliance.

When we understand how we’re created and why we’re here, we can live a fulfilled, energized and peaceful life.

Are you ready to embrace your authentic self?  Find greater joy?  Feel emotionally healthy?  Live with creative freedom? Experience more flow?

As an intuitive spiritual guide, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your inner magic and embrace your unique path with love and authenticity. Whether you’re on your awakening journey or seeking ongoing support and guidance, these sessions offer a sacred space to reconnect with your true essence, align with your soul’s wisdom, and live freely as the empowered creator of your life.

Now is your time.

what is human design? 

Human Design is a fascinating healing arts modality using ancient wisdom and modern science to help you explore and understand the beauty, wisdom, and power of being just who you are.  Learning about your authentic design helps you embrace and honor your true nature, improves self-respect and self-worth, and gives you powerful knowledge on how to live an empowered and enlivened life in alignment with your natural design.  

Human Design combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah Tree of Life, the chakra system and quantum physics to provide you with invaluable information about your energy blueprint.  You’ll learn how you make decisions, understand how you deplete and refill your energy, and find practical ways to start working more in alignment with your natural energy and way of being.  I have found learning about your Human Design is life-changing.  

With each of my readings, you’ll receive your own personal Human Design chart (based on your birth information) with in-depth exploration and learn how to use this enlightening information to make powerful and immediate changes to your life.


What others say:

“Shannon – I want to thank you for the time and love you put into going through my Human Design reading with me.  You went above and beyond — even offering to take a peek at my family’s charts so I could better understand how to navigate my energy around them.  The information was fascinating.  Some things really resonated right away, and others I am slowly accepting as my truth.  I’m seeing more and more how to apply what I have learned to help improve my life.  Thank you so much!”  


“Wow, Shannon!!  Oh my, I am flabbergasted with this work you are doing!  I just listened to my reading and wow, I couldn’t resist taking notes.  I paused and wrote things and listened again.  So insightful and helpful.  I am amazed at how accurate this is.  And also amazed that I’ve been pushing, while listening and knowing.  I love angel cards and they have been telling me similar things for a while – more yoga, more rest, more study and also that now is the right time.  I think your reading of my Human Design is by far the most powerful and igniting to me!


“Shannon, this was by far the most useful reading ever.  I am so grateful you learned to do this and are sharing your talents! You urged me to use dance and my fiddle playing to recharge and focus – you always said dance first.  I was a professional modern dancer before my accident!  You told me how to reach satisfaction and clarity, the only two words I have on my vision board.  

Thank you, Shannon!  And…you have the best voice ever to listen to!


“Thank you so much for this incredible reading and your generosity of time.  I have just been blown away.  I feel so seen, so many “oh, yes, that IS ME!” moments.  What a gift – and so helpful.  I want to listen again, take notes, keep integrating and respond more.

For now, I’ll share that it feels like a perfect match that my son is an emotional Manifestor, with all the work I’ve done over the past 5 years learning how to be with and express emotions.  It feels like my son just knew we would be the parents who could honor his gifts.  That is my husband’s and my greatest intention with our son, to support him with our love to bring into this world his authentic self. I feel so grateful and empowered to have this little glimpse into what he is offering the world!”


“Thank you so much for my Human Design reading!  What a flood of gifts you have brought to me.  I am so thankful for this insight and will use this as a guide as I navigate this next chapter. And, the ideas expressed are validating and provide a framework or “playbook” for all that is to come and that which I can create. Many, many thanks.


“Giving an A+ to Shannon. She did a Spring Energy Reset with a focused deep dive reading of my Human Design chart. This was new to me. She went over my chart explaining meanings and strengths for an hour and a half. When we were done she summed it all up and the summary was spot on accurate with who I am. There’s a lot more to it, but I recommend her if you want to do something different, dive deep into yourself, and get a different perspective of yourself spiritually and energetically. Thank you, Shannon.”


“I love working with Shannon. Her coaching and guidance has given me so much clarity on what I want to build up in my life and business. As well as helped me find my specific strengths to help make this possible. We also did the Emotion Code, which is life-changing! My emotions can be huge and all-consuming. With the Emotion Code, I’m able to still feel the feelings, but it’s not so overwhelming, which makes processing them easier and not as a turbulent of a rollercoaster.”


More Kind Words

“This was my first ever Reiki session.  I went in with an open heart and mind.  During the session I felt incredible warmth, energy, and intuition from Shannon.  Afterwards she touched on a couple things that really hit home for me: one was a mantra that I had been saying to myself just a few hours before, however I had not shared this with her beforehand.  She also talked about where I carry worry and how she sent healing energy to these areas.  Later in the week I experienced certain situations which would typically cause me distress.  I felt these situations roll off my back as drops of water.  Typically I would see or feel such things as knots bound up inside of me.  It was absolutely freeing and healing!


My first session with Shannon was absolutely amazing!  Shannon has such a warm, kind presence that I felt welcomed and supported from the moment that I walked in.  She fully explained everything that would happen during our session and made sure that I was comfortable every step along the way.  The session exceeded my expectations and I left feeling recharged, refreshed and relaxed.  Shannon is a gifted practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.”


“I loved how comfortable you made me feel in this session.  I could definitely feel energy traveling throughout my body.  Your feedback was really powerful for me.  I really liked the touch of the tarot card reading at the end.  It made this session very personal. I’ve felt lighter the last several days since my time with.”

Anne Marie

“It had many years since my one and only reiki session. Shannon took extra time and care to explain her process. Shannon’s calm and caring way had me feeling relaxed and open to all the sensations that came during the session. When I was done, I asked Shannon what she felt from me and she said ‘joy’. It brought tears to my eyes, because joy is the word that I am focusing on in my life. The next day while meditating, I felt warmth move through my chakras. It was surprising and wonderful, I had never experienced anything like it while meditating. I told Shannon about the experience and we realized she was doing her own self reiki in the room below me. That experience really solidified for me, the power of energy and how it creates an environment from which one can live their most purposeful life of joy.”

Amy T.

“As a mom of two young boys, I often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted. Reiki with Shannon left me feeling so relaxed, both mind and body. This feeling lasted for a while after the session too! Shannon has a gift of being present with people on a deep level. During my session, I felt seen, heard, and cared of. After my Reiki session, I felt a shift in myself like becoming unstuck from mud. The subtle energetic shifts experienced during the Reiki sessions left me feeling lighter and more positive. Shannon is a very gifted healer, and I am so grateful for the positive shifts she has helped me make in my life over the past few years.”


“Your coaching video was a wonderful piece to get me back on track and I really loved how you broke my messy feelings into simple categories, and really kept the advice simple and doable.  I felt that you were authentically able to relate to me, and that your advice was doable given you are in the throws of motherhood yourself.  Thank you so much for your coaching gift!”


“My Reiki session with you was amazing. Your gentle approach and explanation made it relaxing. As the work being done on the Chakras I felt the heat transfer from one to the other and the wow was in me. It help me process some emotions. The rest of the weekend I felt relaxed, my anxiety had left giving me the opportunity to be. I am grateful for this opportunity.”


“I have taken advantage of Shannon’s 1:1 sessions have done both coaching and reiki. Shannon is comforting and calming.  I had debated on whether to sign up for quite some time as I didn’t know her that well.  I felt an instant connection and with her caring spirit I found myself just pouring my heart out.  It’s as if she knows just how to listen and guide you back to your own answers.  During my reiki session and after was an incredible experience.  I am a meditator and I have never felt so grounded and relaxed in my life.  I would highly recommend her for both coaching and reiki.  You will not be disappointed.


“I first met Shannon when I went on a 4 day wellness retreat that she was conducting.  The moment I met her face to face I knew I was about to embark in an amazing journey with her as my guide.  On one of my days I signed up for a Reiki session with Shannon.  I have never been more relaxed and at peace in my life.  I felt that the weight of all the negative I had been carrying with me had been lifted and that I had been infused with an energy that would allow me to move forward with my life from a better place.  I have continued to reach back for that feeling since returning home and continue to embrace the feeling of confidence, support and positive energy Shannon helped me find within myself.  I cannot wait for the next opportunity to participate in another of Shannon’s events.”


“I am feeling peaceful, grounded, and have a clearly identified practice to help me integrate self-care into my daily routine following my “Live Awakened Reiki Session” with Shannon Kinney-Duh, founder of “A Free Spirit Life”. Shannon has a gift for creating a calm space with her magically relaxing voice—just being in her presence is healing. She patiently listened to me during our conversation before my session and intuitively shared ideas to help me address my desire to connect with my heart-center on a daily basis.

My reiki session included a guided meditation, light touch, and relaxing music. When I stood up after my reiki session, my whole body felt grounded. Shannon ended our session with an angel card reading that delivered the perfect message for me in the moment—“Life created me to be fulfilled. I trust Life and Life is with me at every turn…”

My Live Awakened Reiki Session left me feeling calm, confident, and connected to the energy of the earth. I took a phone call from one of my besties shortly after my session with Shannon. My friend commented on the peaceful quality of my voice. If you are seeking direction, grounding, or peace in your life a session with Shannon is just what you need.


“I am a casual “reiki-er” – when it is available at a retreat or spa sign me up.  I truly enjoy the feeling and connection.  Shannon’s session truly provide me that and more!  Going in with an open heart and mind, allowed me to be present and feel the energy throughout my entire body.  Her ability to help you visualize and bring vivid colors to mind was truly spiritual.  I would recommend Shannon to anyone who is interested in opening their heart and mind through Reiki.”

Amy P.