I finished my first quilt that I started over two years ago!  Letting go of TV has definitely given me more space for the things I never seem to find time for.  
Sure, you would think that 110 degree temperatures wouldn’t really inspire the desire to quilt.  But the heat can’t seem to stop my sudden creative momentum and the urge to complete what I’ve started.
Instead of hearing judges critique dancers, artists and chefs on their reality shows, I have enjoyed hearing the cicadas in the background, while playing with my needle and thread.  The stillness and rhythmic nature that comes from stitching has invited my mind to quiet some, much like meditation.
For this quilt, I used Amy Butler fabric and the pattern is known as a Wonky Scrap Quilt.  I learned the technique at a cool local quilt shop, but found an on-line tutorial for those of you interested in giving it a try.  It is so fun and easy.  (And hopefully won’t take you two years!)
My quilt is complete.
It has been washed…
 and is ready to find its permanent home.
I walk into my bedroom room and smile.
Other things that are happening since giving up TV:

I’m getting more sleep.

I’m having great evening talks with my husband, rather than laying side-by-side while zoning out to some mindless show.

I’ve started the outline for my book.  I took a class recently on how to write, publish and market my first book.  The teacher offered great practical advice, like getting a calendar and putting down your start and completion dates.  I have to say that I’m not sure I’ll stick to her guidelines on how to complete your book in 6-weeks,  considering I’m also switching gears to prepare for the birth of my second son, but I’m using my TV-less evenings to finally give this big dream some attention.

Rather than crashing on the couch to watch others accomplish their dreams, I’m feeling more creatively alive and inspired to do less, create more, and enjoy BEING in the space of the present moment.

And, that feels really good.

Your Personal Reflection:  What is one thing you’ve wanted to complete or try but just haven’t had the time for?  Now think of some of the activities, like TV, that take up your time and energy.  What is one activity you can let go of so that you can find some much needed time to finish a creative project or start something new?  Can you start today?