Two years ago today, this sweet angel entered the world.  He took his first breath at the exact time of this post, 10:27 p.m., after 36 intense hours of labor.  My life has never been the same.

Dear Kestan,
As we celebrate you on your birthday, I am flooded with memories of those first few weeks of getting to know each other.  Like when I looked into your eyes for the first time, when you nursed every 40 minutes all day and night, when you fell asleep warmed by the blue lights, and when you had your first bath at home.  I remember all those sleepy, dark, winter nights, feeling a sense of not knowing what to do when you cried, and yet, trusting it would all be ok.  I remember when your dad and I would stare at your sweet face and breathe in your sweet scent, and cry with complete joy and wonderment.

I remember when you lived inside me, we would sing “Happy Birthday” to you every Thursday as you turned a week older.  Now that you are two, you are the one singing “Happy Birthday”.  (Although, since going to Hallmark’s 100th year celebration this past week you insist on singing “Happy Birthday, Hallmark” instead!)

I knew that becoming a mother was something I was ready for, but I had no idea how natural it would feel.  It’s as though I’ve had this mothering instinct inside me all along, just waiting for the day you came into the world.  And, now, whenever I need it, I can tap into the wisdom that has been passed on from generations of mothers before me.

The other night, as you were drifting to sleep you sat up in the dark and whispered, “Mommy, happy.  Baby, happy.  Milk, happy.  Bed, happy.”  I will never forget how precious it was to hear you share all the things in that moment that made you feel happy.  Well, baby Kestan – my sweet, tender, funny, powerful, loving soul who is now a big two-year-old boy – I feel blessed to know you, I am grateful to be your mommy, and yes, I am very, VERY happy.

Your Personal Reflection: What makes you feel happy?