These gorgeous flowers are gifts from my husband and mom to celebrate the start of my first 4-week e-course.

My sweet husband wrote this in his handmade card:

“There is nothing more wonderful than to watch u grow.”

Today marks the end of our first week and what a gift it has been.  The final count is 67 participants from all over the US and the world, including Canada, UK, Sweden, India, Australia and the Netherlands!  In just 5 days these explorers are making some incredible connections, insights, reflections, artwork, journal entries and personal growths that are truly inspiring to me.  I told the group that I am not the teacher of the course, but simply the person holding the space.  I know from years of teaching yoga that it’s truly my yoga students who teach me, and that continues to hold true in this course.

Each day I get the privilege to participate in kind and vulnerable discussions posed on our private group page. The compassion towards one another, and the support that each person shows, is truly powerful.  There is such a longing for personal meaning and making space for what matters most in our lives.  I think there is also a deep need to be connected to a like-minded community.  For those who like to ask the deeper life questions, contemplate the meaning of things, and peel away layers from past experiences so that we can live more full, vibrant lives, having the support and community from others is vital to our spiritual awakening.  I am grateful so many beautiful beings have come together to share this self-discovery journey.

My heart is SO full right now.  My years of perfectionism that kept me from taking big creative leaps is dissipating.  My fear of failure stuck its ugly head out this week as I thought, “Dear God, I have 60 plus people looking for me to provide them with a class that has meaning for them.  What happens if I fail them?”  Well, luckily I won’t allow myself to wallow in this place for very long.  This is a thought I do not need to think.  Instead, I trust that we are all here at the right time, at the right place, sharing our journey together for a reason.  I will not diminish the essence of this experience by giving my inner critic and fears much face time.

Instead, I take a deep breath.  I honor the light in myself, the light in the kind souls that have joined together, and the light that is guiding our way.

The next Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery starts April 5, 2010.  Registration for the spring session starts February 22.  Mark your calendars as the first session sold out!  A big thanks to Hip Mountain Mama, Shivaya Naturals and Artsyville, (along with so many others!) for your great help in getting the word out about our first class.

Your Personal Reflection:  Do you have a supportive person in your life, or a community of like-minded people that you belong to?  If not, what small steps could you take, starting today, to find others you can share your journey with?  Remember, you are not alone.  We are all in this together.