There really is something in the air. Do you feel it too?

I focused my attention on Inside Out through the month of February. Then we all got sick. And then last week the 80-degree weather blew in. Having the windows open, shaving my legs and breaking out the sandals was just the motivation I needed to start afresh. With my husband, Chris, coming down on a big project deadline, I have been putting a lot of my own creative work on hold to help the family get through June.

And then something happened on Sunday.  An energy shift if you will. With a few hours of help from the babysitter, Chris and I took some new spring photos in our backyard. It was spontaneous. It was quick. It was fun. And he helped me edit them into beautiful pictures for my spring website makeover. I also had a fabulous talk with my friend and graphic designer who is excited to continue helping me on my site and other future projects.  And a few interesting proposals and people have come into my life lately.  So needless to say I’ve been feeling excited about new possibilities starting to take shape.

Then, just yesterday I took the boys to the library and my toddler, Ashton, randomly grabbed a book called “Energy Makes Things Happen” and tossed it on the floor as he wobbled his way over to the puppets. I picked up the book and started reading about all the different ways things get energy. The book read, “Energy never disappears. It can move from one object – such as a baseball bat – to another – such as a ball. Energy can move from the sun to a carrot to a child to a rock. It can flow from light into a plant, from a plant into a fuel, from a fuel into the movement of a car going down the street – but energy never goes away.”

And it got me thinking, Where does my energy go?  If it never disappears, it has to go somewhere right?  I usually begin my day with tons of energy.  By mid-afternoon, my energy is low.  Then, it picks back up again.  Up and down, back and forth, full and depleted…all throughout the day.  And what gives me new energy?  What drains my energy?  If I’m not putting my energy into the creative work – I SO LOVE – then how will that creative energy get used?

The shift I feel as spring settles in, is one of energy.  I am reminded that doing my creative work FILLS ME UP.  It stirs up my senses and my fire and it’s how I connect with people.  It energizes me.

What we focus on grows.  Where we put our energy is where we see movement.  The sun warms us up and gives us heat and light  – its energy.  The sun’s energy helps things grow.  So as we honor our energy this spring, let’s become more aware of the movement we want to see in our lives.  Let’s remember that our inner light wants to shine.  It wants to touch people.  It wants to grow.  And the newness of spring is here to remind us of the possibilities that come when we direct our energy in a more intentional way.

There is something in the air.

A breath of fresh air.

Seeds that have been planted.

Seeds ready to bloom.

And a newfound sense of energy – that is ready to flow from me to you and from you to me – and back into the world.

Your Personal Reflection:

Where does your energy go?  Are you ready to redirect your energy and focus it more intently on the creative dreams ready to be born within you?  Today, honor your energy, and enjoy the things that fill you up.  And remember, it’s your energy that makes things happen.

Happy spring!