Welcome!  Enjoy these guided meditations.

I’m so happy you are making relaxation and sleep a priority in your life.  It can be challenging to make space for rest and to get quality sleep in our busy world.  Below you will find two meditations for peaceful sleep, one for adults and one specifically created for children. There are also free mindfulness resources for you, to help you feel more present and at peace during the day.  

If you find you are enjoying these meditations, you can find more of my guided meditations for free on Insight Timer. 

Enjoy and sweet dreams!


Meditate with Shannon on Insight Timer

“Loved this amazing meditation! It tunes you right into the flow of gratitude and abundance.” ~Angeles Torres

“What a perfect blend of words and music! Your soothing voice took me to a place of peace and calm.  I will listen again.”   ~Donne

“I really appreciate Shannon’s clear and kind delivery.  Her voice is naturally soothing and healing.  Perfect practice to bring awareness to your breath and the present moment.”  ~Micara