To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.

~ William Saroyan

Today marks the 6th day of a “Self-Care 7-Day” challenge that some of my Inside Out explorers and I started this past week.  I’ve worked-out a little more, rolled out my yoga mat more consistently, and have enjoyed several walks around the lake with neighbors, my sister and my mom (seen here).

I started this challenge because I really wanted a kick in the butt.  I was getting sick of thinking I need to workout, but not really taking the action to get those running shoes on.  So with the support from others, I got off the couch.  And after a rush of flow and a release of new energy, I have been reminded that the need for movement is way more than just about physical activity. It’s about taking action and making a desired change in your life.  Creating movement takes whatever it is you wish to change from just wishing and thinking, to actually doing something about it. That is powerful stuff.  The need to move is about flow, energy, shifting…and taking small steps closer to becoming who you are.

I love the new movement I’m experiencing.  I’m putting my self-care needs first, like walking or yoga, right when I wake up in the morning.  I’m making more space for uninterrupted time to write and create.  I’m clearing my agenda so my energy isn’t spread too thin.  I’m getting new ideas.  I’m deepening my relationships.  I feel lighter, freer and happier as the action I’m taking is moving my life to a place where things are opening up and happening as they should.

So today for Thirty Days of Giving Thanks I’m simply feeling complete gratitude for having the ability to move…

Your Personal Reflection:

Self-care is vital to your health, wellness and happiness.  Creating movement – whether it’s tackling a project you’ve been avoiding, being honest about a problem you’re going through, speaking up for yourself, clearing clutter, writing in your journal or putting on those running shoes – offers you BIG opportunities for change.  Ask yourself:  Where am I feeling stuck or stagnant?  Find support, take action and get moving towards the life you are meant to live!

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