love in the present moment

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He looked at me.  He deeply looked into my eyes.  So much so, that it stopped me in all my rushing about.

He drew me in.

Eye-to-eye, there we were, staring back at each other.  As though we were looking into each other’s souls.

Holding each other.  Loving each other.

He didn’t look away.  He barely blinked.  He smiled softly.  My eyes filled with tears.
I didn’t look away.  I barely blinked.  I smiled softly.  And time froze.

Right then and there, when my 4-year-old asked me to hold him like I did when he was a baby, I was sucked into the vortex of the present moment.

In that moment – nothing else mattered.

The laundry piles.  The dirty dishes.  The I-HAVE-SO-MUCH-TO-DO mantra that I tend to yell at myself inside my head…it all went away.  It completely vanished.

What mattered – in that moment – was feeling, sensing and breathing…the LOVE my child and I were feeling for each other and for our life.

My sweet, 3-foot teacher, reminded me of the importance of stopping…of slowing down…of paying attention.

The importance of connecting.

The importance of being.

In that very moment, the one my soul will never forget, I remembered that it is possible to reconnect to inner peace, joy and love even when outer world is rushing by.

In all the hustle and the busyness, connecting to the present moment is possible, and when we do…we realize magic is happening all around us.
We just got to slow down enough to see it…

Your Personal Reflection:

Stop.  Look around you.  Listen.

Become more aware of how often you let “phantom stress” or feelings of overwhelm keep you from experiencing and appreciating the present moment.  It is possible to not let overwhelm and stress keep you from living a more peaceful life.  Notice the next time you let your “to do” list keep you from slowing down and deeply connecting to the people in your life.

What can you do – TODAY – to feel the love in the present moment?