It’s another rainy day. Many people I know get the “rainy days and Mondays always get me down” blues on days like this.

I’ve always loved the rain. Now, I don’t think I’d do well living in places where it rains all. the. time. But, give me a week of rain and I’m as content as can be.

I think it’s because of my Introvertness. Sure, I love getting out in the world, connecting with amazing people and playing in the sunshine. But the rain gives me permission to slow down. It helps me retreat a little, to be ok with a slower pace.

Do you ever feel that?

When the sun returns there’s this natural tendency to do and go and push and strive and of course, there is nothing wrong with that! We need both – the yin and the yang energy.

Yet our world is so overly focused on the yang…the outward, the consume, the push, the force, the strive…that our sweet yin, inward, quiet energy so often doesn’t get the love and attention it so desperately needs.

Many of you know I tend to write and reflect a lot about our “inner life.” I’ve learned throughout the years that when I ignore my inner needs, or when I don’t listen to my intuition, or when I let fear guide me rather than my heart, well, I end up feeling pretty crappy.

Fear sucks.

And what I mean by that is, it sucks the life force out of us, leaving us drained, depleted and confused.

I’ve also learned through life experience and through the teachings of my yoga practice that fear is necessary. Fear is inevitable. Life is full of ever-changing moments and we tend to face those changes with fear. It’s natural.

Fear is a good thing.

It’s a guiding post on what to do next.

We have two choices when we feel fear creeping in: face it or run from it.

The more you practice facing it, the more you realize that moving through fear feels uncomfortable, and even hard sometimes, yet once you’ve moved beyond it (which eventually you always do) it’s freeing.

So often we let fear keep us feeling stuck. We hesitate. We doubt. We don’t trust ourselves. We don’t believe life will support us.

We are left feeling trapped – with no choices, no clarity and no confidence.

How do we move beyond fear then? How do we use the “fear energy” to motivate and inspire us to make change, to listen to our intuition and to follow our hearts?

How do we stop letting fear suck away our energy and instead transform it into courage?

The short answer: it takes practice.

It takes a commitment to do things differently. It takes a willingness to pause every now and then from the rushed pace of life, and find a moment of stillness so you can listen to your heart.

When you learn tools and techniques to nurture your inner life, you are practicing reconnecting to your inner peace, wisdom and strength. Staying connected to this solid ground, this place within you, gives you the motivation you need to move through and beyond your fear.

When you don’t nurture your mind, body and spirit – your inner life – you stay stuck.

You end up making fear-based decisions, rather than ones that feel authentic and inline with your heart. That’s when your health and well-being suffer.

When you learn how to give your inner life the love and attention it needs, you find the courage that is always within you to face your fears and to be YOU, and that’s when you feel free.

Do it differently.

Take some healthy risks. Make the choice to face your fears.

Join us for the Live Freely Circle this April and practice moving beyond your fear.

We’ll focus on taking good care of ourselves and our energy so that we feel less drained and more alive, inspired and free!

Let’s do this.

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