In today’s show, Ayurveda Practitioner and Wellness Coach, Stephanie Mohr, shares her journey of learning how to trust herself, how she’s following synchronicities and taking brave, bold steps on her health and wellness journey. This show is part of my Radiant Awakening Summer Series: Igniting Authenticity, Energizing Your Life and Unleashing Your Creative Magic.

For the past decade, Stephanie has helped women enjoy more energy, have stronger digestion, balance hormones and simply feel better to live with more ease. She works with these four main pillars: food, energy, rest and mind. Stephanie teaches that when you understand how your body and mind change throughout your life, and how to heal through food and wellness, you set aside the struggle.

Stephanie’s customized approach incorporates Ayurvedic-inspired principles of body and mind by making the best, and most delicious food choices along with minimizing the toll stress takes on our bodies, mind and longevity. It’s all about whole body, mind and family wellness.

In this impactful and uplifting conversation, we explore many topics like how to listen to what you need most in this season of your life and how to figure out what your individual health and wellness goals are. We also explore the power of learning how to reach those goals through food, nutrition, movement and stress management.

This episode will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to bring back your health and healing power, too.

Enjoy the show!

To learn more about Stephanie, visit her site: Go With Steph.  Visit her on Instagram here: @gowithsteph. 

You can listen to her previous episode 11 conversation with Shannon here: Learning Your Body Type and Returning to Balance.

Thanks for listening!