Energize Your Life

The process

What’s included in the Energize Your Life session?

Once you fill out a simple questionnaire, you’re gifted with an in-depth 60-minute audio recording of your personal Human Design energy map, a PDF of your body graph, intuitive guidance and simple, practical coaching tips to help you start implementing what you learn.  These may include guided meditations, journal prompts, affirmations or daily ritual suggestions to help you not only learn about your true self and your chart, but also break some of the conditioned patterns and start living more by your design.

This deep dive Human Design Reading + Life Coaching Session is available for $333.  I also offer family and small work team readings by request. (Visit here to see my other 1:1 life coaching sessions and monthly packages.

how it works:


After paying the $333 consultation fee, you will receive an email that welcomes you to the experience and includes a link to a short questionnaire.  You’ll provide key information, such as your birth date, time, and location, as well as your current energy levels and areas in your life where you may be feeling stuck, frustrated or challenged by.


After you’ve sent in your questionnaire, you can expect to receive your recorded audio link within 3-5 days. (You do not have to be present for the session.)   

Think about this Human Design reading as a customized recorded podcast episode – all about YOU!


This is where you’re transformation begins!  You’ll receive an email from me with your 60-minute audio recording and other empowering information.  This session is designed as a deep dive, so you’ll learn all about your energy type, strategy, authority, profile, energy centers, gates, channels, incarnation cross, and so much more!  From here, you’ll have the ability to listen to your session any time you want to as a way to check-in, reflect on, and practice what you learn.

What others say:


“Wow, Shannon!!  Oh my, I am flabbergasted with this work you are doing!  I just listened to my reading and wow, I couldn’t resist taking notes.  I paused and wrote things and listened again.  So insightful and helpful.  I am amazed at how accurate this is.  And also amazed that I’ve been pushing, while listening and knowing.  I love angel cards and they have been telling me similar things for a while – more yoga, more rest, more study and also that now is the right time.  I think your reading of my Human Design is by far the most powerful and igniting to me!


“My Human Design session with Shannon was so incredibly helpful.  I left affirmed and encouraged; it felt like she gave me permission to be who I already am.  My most helpful take-aways were that I am a guide (I don’t need to be an “expert”), and I need a lot of rest.  I knew I was an introvert, but my Human Design reading went deeper than knowing I need to be alone.  It helped me honor the “productivity” of retreat and withdrawal.  I treat myself with greater compassion when I am tired and need to be alone.  I have always felt weird and different; my reading with Shannon helped me see my “weirdness” as my giftedness and gave me permission to offer it in service to others.”  


“I was utterly gobsmacked at the accuracy of my Human design reading.  It validated things I already knew about myself, but more importantly, I have a better understanding of how to utilize my time and energy better.  Upon learning about the different types of humans and how they work, I now have more patience with my family and co-workers.  Shannon is so well versed and led me through my chart with a grate understanding of how every little aspect of me works together.”

Valarie Budayr, Audrey Press |  www.audreypress.com

“I really appreciate you helping people energize their lives with Human Design!  You directed me in the right direction and presented me with helpful solutions to some of my current challenges.  Your reading gave me peace of mind and helped me see that I’m right where I need to be in my life.  You guided me like a good friend.  I am so glad that I’ve gotten to know you.  You are amazing.  I am so impressed with your skill.  You uplifted me. I hope our paths cross again soon.  Thank you, thank you!” 


Not ready for a deep dive?

Try a bite-sized Human Design session for $222.  You’ll still receive a PDF of your unique body graph, and it comes with a 30-minute, personalized recorded audio session.  This smaller experience can be a nice way to ease into the information while still being impactful to your life.

Let’s energize your life!


Sparking transformation that helps you feel recharged and ready to share your unique gifts.  I connect with clients worldwide via Zoom, Voxer and locally in Kansas, US.