thank you gift
It’s rainy and cold here and it seemed like the perfect day to drop by a little sunshine to my dear 84-year-old friend, Larry.  I met Larry about 10 years ago when he volunteered with his wife, Nellie, at my former job.  It’s funny because I don’t even remember meeting them, it just seems like we’ve always been special friends.  Nellie passed away 4 years ago and I miss her a lot.  Larry and I stay in touch and each time we get together we can talk for hours.  And what I love about our friendship is that we can talk about the deep stuff, the unseen stuff, and the stuff that is hard to talk about with a lot of people.  But Larry and I just “get” each other.  We have that connection that no matter how long it’s been between visits we can easily and effortlessly pick up right where we left off.
One thing Larry and I enjoy discussing is books.  And recently while visiting one of my favorite used bookstores I found a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s, A New Earth – a book I know Larry would really enjoy.  
I left the book and a thank you card at his door today.  I’m starting to get a kick out of my sleuth behavior as I secretly drop gratitude at my friend’s doorsteps.  This Thirty Days of Giving Thanks is turning out to be so much fun.
And get this, yesterday I wrote a letter to my bff and texted her in the morning to thank her for her friendship.  A few hours later the postman delivered a letter from HER. (Thanks, Jen!) She had noticed my November challenge and wrote me a day prior to thank ME.  Gotta love the magic of synchronicity.
Your Personal Reflection:  Have you noticed any synchronicity in your life these days? What happens when you focus on gratitude?

(There is still time to enter the giveaway.  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!)