I met Suzy, owner of Hip Mountain Mama, two years ago this month on Twitter.  It happened to be right around the time when I was launching the first session of my e-course Inside Out.  Suzy signed up for the first course, sent out tweets and I think even blogged about it.  And I believe her interest, enthusiasm and support is what helped me sell out my first class!  Since then, she continues to share her excitement for the course and I’m so grateful.
So, today I thank YOU, Suzy, for supporting my dream.  When I introduced Inside Out I was nervous and unsure.  I told myself if I got at least 10 people to register that I would hold the class.  And I truly believe that with your initial support, you helped my registration numbers jump WAY beyond my expectations.  You helped me build the courage, excitement and dedication to continue sharing this e-course with the world, and after 5 sessions, the course has reached hundreds in over 15 countries.  
THANK YOU for your positive energy.  THANK YOU for your love and care.  And THANK YOU for believing in me!
Suzy is offering the first give-away for our 
November Challenge, Thirty Days of Thanks!  
Enter to win a $25 gift certificate for her beautiful natural store,
by leaving a comment to one of the questions below. 
Your Personal Reflection: Who will you thank today?  What are you thankful for in this moment?
(I’ll announce a winner on Sunday morning!)