signs of the season

We kicked off the Christmas season on Sunday at an annual holiday party with some friends.  I met these two women years ago standing in line at orientation for our new job (which only one still works there part time). We worked for the same company but didn’t work in the same area, and yet, managed to remain friends.  Since our first day we’ve all gotten married and now each have two kids, so our holiday party has grown in numbers. This year we celebrated our 11th party with a wonderful dinner and gift exchange.  The kids had a great time playing and us parents enjoyed wine and yummy food.

And it wasn’t until a day later that I started thinking about how much effort my friend who hosted the party must have put in to prepare for our visit.  She had us over at her house, which we all know means you have to clean.  She cooked the main meals, including an extra vegetarian option.  She made side dishes for the kids.  She had drinks and appetizers.  And she did all of this at the tail end of a holiday weekend where she even had houseguests.  Oh and did I mention she is a mom of two, with the youngest being a four month old baby girl who has acid reflux and who is fussy most of the time?  Oh yah, and her husband travels and was scheduled to leave at 6 a.m. the following morning.  We brought an appetizer and salad and my other friend brought dessert, but that was not nearly the amount of work as our gracious host!

Needless to say, this very giving mama deserves my thanks today.  So I have a handwritten note ready to go and will drop in a Starbucks gift card before mailing. Because even though we do things for others because we want to and it makes us feel good, it also feels good when they notice.

Your Personal Reflection:  Who in your life is always quietly helping others?  You know they aren’t looking for acknowledgement, but take some time to recognize and give thanks for their kindness today.

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Happy day!