Looking back on this past year I see some major stuff went down. In my own life. In my friends and families lives. And in the world. It was…shall we say…an interesting, challenging, insightful year…full of lessons – that is for sure. Do you feel that way, too?

In reflection of 2012, what I am reminded of most is that we have two choices in life. Fear or love. When I think I’m not good enough – that’s my mind choosing fear. When I find the courage to shed the self-doubt and be who I am, I’m letting love lead the way. When I judge others, my fear is keeping me from deeply connecting. When I quiet my mind and open my heart, then love allows me to expand and feel the richness life has to offer.

It’s natural to feel fear when faced with something new, but you have a choice in how you use the fear. Will you let fear get in the way of your happiness? Will you let fear keep you small? Will you let fear prevent you from taking that art class? Going to that party? Starting your business? Applying for that new job? Singing in front of strangers?

Or will you choose to accept the fear and use it as a motivator to make your dreams happen? Can you face your fears with courage and curiosity of what will come on the other side? Through my own experiences over the past year I was reminded, yet again, that when we walk through the fears that are keeping us from fully thriving, we usually find the most amazing discoveries on the other side.

What path will you choose in this New Year? Fear or love?

Take the lessons from the past challenges and celebrations with you into 2013. Let go of the rest. Surrender to this moment. Shed. Reduce clutter. Simplify your life. And listen to that voice inside. You know…the whisper that is gently guiding you along the way…

Let your unique brilliance out into the world! WE NEED YOU.

I have no idea what 2013 will bring, but my intention for this year is simply to practice taking my whole heart wherever I go.

Happy NEW YEAR, love!
Be well…

Shannon xo


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