(Photos courtesy of Chris Duh.)
Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. -Plato
This is my brother, Jeff.  He is a very talented musician.  When I took piano lessons growing up I’d practice for hours trying to play a piece of Bach, then I’d step away from the piano and a few seconds later would hear my brother playing the same song – by ear!  Ooh…that was so frustrating.
When he got his first guitar we could name any song, usually Nirvana or Tori Amos, and it didn’t take long before he sounded them out and played us the songs in their entirety.  This is talent that you are just born with – yet one that needs to be practiced and focused on to manifest and grow.  Luckily, he has done that over the years and has become a wonderful singer/songwriter. 
My frustrations of his innate musical talent subsided years ago!  In fact, I couldn’t be more proud and excited for him.  For the first time, we have “collaborated” on a piece of music.  I have to admit that I didn’t do much, but I did hand over a few of the lyrics and then Jeff created (wrote, sang, played, and produced) a beautiful, inspirational, just-makes-you-feel-good kind of song.
Go stop by his website and listen to Be Free.  This is the theme song for my e-course, Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery.  I feel so incredibly honored, excited, OVER-JOYED, that my brother put his heart into a song that means so much to me, too.  (We’re also making a music video together!)

Years ago when I was feeling sad and confused I heard an inspirational yoga teacher say, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”  Whoa.  That statement hit me right over the head.  I felt like my talents, my passions, my true nature, my authentic way of being, my music, were all trapped inside – I was keeping them hidden – as fear and self-doubt consumed me.  
But never again, will I keep my music inside, and hopefully that goes for you, too!  And this is why I created Inside Out, to share, to connect, and to grow with other beautiful people in search of setting their inner music free.  Because how sad for any of us to let even one more day go by without creating and FULLY LIVING a life we LOVE.

Which leads me to the winner of my Inside Out e-course give-away…

Congratulations to…Amy with Girl’s Life blog!
For those of you who still want to become an Inside Out explorer, I’ll be offering one more give-away this fall and will open registration towards the end of the year for the January, 2011 session.  Join my Free Spirit Knits Facebook Fan Page to be the first to learn the details.  (Thanks to each of you for your thoughtful comments.)
Now everyone, get over to Jeff’s site, turn up the volume and get your dance on!
Your Personal Reflection:  Are you letting your inner music – your most authentic YOU – out to dance, play, breathe, and be?  
Open your heart and your soul will follow. -Jeff Kinney