Join Shannon for an adventure of Self-Discovery &

Empowered Creativity!

Explore “the Artist’s WAy” by Julia Cameron

JUNE 6th – AUGUST 29th, 2024

Join Spiritual Intuitive Guide, Artist and Writer, Shannon Kinney-Düh, for a summer of creative play, inspiration, relaxation and joy. We’ll dive deeply into The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, together and enjoy simple and enriching art projects that will spark your creative spirit and feed your soul.

Exploring “The Artist’s Way” with others was profoundly healing for me.

When you explore your inner life and reconnect to your creativity, you open up the gateway to your intuition and authentic self. When you open that channel, your energy flows more openly and freely, and this is where you feel safe to be your true self, where you can step more fully into your own power and feel courageous enough to be the creator of your life!

You are an artist. You are enough, just as you are.

you are here to shine your creative light in the world!

You are powerful with brilliant gifts and it’s time to shine bright, to embrace your imperfect self, to let go of worry, to lighten up and play more, and to see where this adventurous journey of life takes you next.

Your life is a work of art and you are the creator of it.

Your creativity and dreams matter. We so need your authentic, creative spirit in the world. I’m excited to share this powerful and inspiring exploration together!

This online experience is for anyone who is interested in waking up your creative side, wanting to be inspired again, and invite more peace, love and joy into your life. Absolutely NO art or journaling experience required. WE ARE ALL ARTISTS and CREATIVE. Simply come with an open heart to learn and explore.

The course fee includes seven online Zoom calls led by Shannon. You will need to purchase The Artist’s Way book separately. (Early Bird: $333, After May 1st: $444)

Early bird Registration is now Open! 

Tentative Call dates:

June 6th, June 20th, July 11th, July 18th, August 1st, August 15th, August 29th | 7:30 – 8:45 p.m. central on Zoom. (All call recordings availalbe to class participants.)

Stepping out of the stress of every day life and making space for creative play is vital to living more fully and freely.

Giving yourself the gift of exploring your creative side will leave you feeling like you just pressed the reset button.

Nurturing your creativity helps you discover more about who you are, what your true calling is and cultivates the courage it takes to listen to and follow your heart.

Why “The Artist’s way?”

I was living in Boulder, Colorado over twenty years ago, surrounded by the most beautiful settings, had my first real job out of college and many friends. Yet, I had this looming feeling that something was…missing.

It’s when I discovered the book, The Artist’s Way, the concept that we are all creative, blew me away back then. I had longed to feel creative for so much of my life, yet some time during my middle school years I started to believe my thoughts that told me, I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t creative enough, that I’d never be as good as them and that I definitely was not an artist. Oh, how wrong those thoughts were, and they really limited me from living my fullest and most authentic life.

Around the same time that I discovered this life-altering book, I dove more deeply into yoga. My yoga teachers and practice taught me that I was not my thoughts. What another mind-blowing concept at the time!

You mean, I was not the thoughts that told me I wasn’t good enough? How could this be? That was the story I held onto for so long. That was the story that kept me from taking risks. That was the story that kept me feeling comfortable, and prevented me from growing. That was the story that allowed me to use fear as a protective blanket to keep from shining too brightly.

Believing I wasn’t good enough kept me safe (or so I thought), but it certainly didn’t make me happy. I knew in my heart that there was a better way to live and I knew I had so much creative fire burning inside me. I needed to learn how to channel it! I needed to quiet my mind. I needed to open my heart. I needed to explore my fears with gentleness and compassion. I needed to break free of trying to do things perfectly. I had to learn how to tap into my intuition, how to connect with it more fully and how to courageously express it more freely.

Practicing principles in The Artist’s Way busted my heart and creative fire wide open. It has been the foundation of my life, as a writer, teacher, artist, mother, spiritual guide and love of life.

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

~ Dieter Uchtdorf

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