I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute of the day that is given me to live.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m treasuring my last few moments with these two little boys and my sweet husband before the arrival of baby boy #3.  And I’m savoring my last few days of feeling this new baby moving inside me.

We don’t know what changes will come our way.  We can only know that there will be some sleep deprivation and time needed to adjust to having a newborn in our home again. But everything else…we’ll just have to wait and see.  (Having a baby is the ultimate test of surrender and letting go, isn’t it?)


So now…we simply wonder…


enjoy the simple moments together…


and we wait…

Your Personal Reflection:

Enjoy each moment of your day today while you wait for what’s to come.






*Photos by my love, Chris Duh.

A Give-Away!

Since I’m taking a break from leading e-courses through the rest of the year, I want to share with you one that I truly love that begins October 1st!

ecourse_black_border_with_AC12345My friend, Amelia Critchlow, is the creator of the amazing online experience:

Experimental Art E-course.

I’ve taken many e-courses over the years and I can honestly say this is one of my very favorites!  I love it so much because Amelia really has a gift for taking your creativity to a whole new level.  For 9-weeks, you get the chance to explore a variety of art methods in innovative ways that allow the natural artist in YOU (we are all artists!!) to come out.

This class is perfect for those who have a creative calling inside, but have been afraid to get started.  Or maybe you are simply beginning and want to learn new techniques.  Or maybe you consider yourself a professional artist, but in need of new inspiration.  Or perhaps you are searching for a creative tribe of like-minded individuals who you can share your creative journey with.  This class is definitely worth checking out!


Give-away now closed.

And the winner of the random drawing is…


You can sign up directly by visiting:  Experimental Art E-course with Amelia Critchlow.

 (You also receive a free sketchbook & art gift when you register!)