In today’s episode, I’m stopping by to share what’s on my heart these days, especially as it relates to the changes we’re all going through energetically and spiritually.

How are you feeling? I’m finding that people are feeling a mix of joy and great challenge, as life is serving us up a series of ups and downs. It feels like there’s a bigger shift happening right now.

I keep seeing this visual of us all waking up, like we’re coming out of our cocoons. We know we have wings, and we’re ready to fly with them as our true authentic power is lighting up! That can be quite exciting, but also can leave you feeling a bit scared and vulnerable.

Let’s support each other as we make space for what matters most, bring our dreams out into the world, make a positive change in our families and community, and step more fully, boldly and freely with our true light – TOGETHER.

Email me and let me know what kind of changes in your own life you are noticing right now.

Thank you for listening, thank you for leaving a review and sharing my podcasts with your friends, and thank you for being YOU.

Remember…you are designed to shine YOUR radiant light, love and joy from the inside out.

With love,





Episode 66: Activating Your Natural Gifts & Embracing 5D Consciousness

by with Kristina Patrick-Meiers | A Free Spirit Life Podcast