In today’s show, Episode 5, we are talking about inuition. What is it, how do we learn to listen to it and how do we trust and find the courage to follow where it’s leading us?

We are all born with this inner guide – our intuition.  It’s a place within us that simply knows what path to follow next. It helps keep our life on track.  It helps us feel more attuned to our values, our gifts and our natural way of being.  It brings us more in touch with the present moment.  It’s our teacher.

Your intuition is a great gift.

So often though, we are stuck on autopilot as we rush through the day, we crash at the end of it and we repeat this draining cycle over and over again.  This rushing, without space for stillness, connection and reflection, leaves us totally out of touch from our intuition and out of sync in our daily life.

It’s hard to feel centered and grounded when you are overloaded by a busy life.

In today’s show, I will share 7 tips on how you can practice listening, trusting and following where your intuition is guiding you.


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I’m so excited to share the next few months with you as we explore creative journaling, the chakras and ways to honor and replenish your energy, gentle guided meditation and connection to these women from around the world.

Here are a few raves about the circle that I’ve received this week:

“You are opening something up in me that I didn’t know I needed.  I tried fixing it other ways, with more sleep, more complaining and venting.  The circle is what’s working.  Your courses reached me through inspiration and reflection, addressing vital needs that I had ignored for so long and didn’t realize were the root of my struggles.  I’m so excited about my life right now!” ~Jessaca

“Having the Live Freely Circle in my life has meant that I have a group of women that I can go to for support, laughter and guidance. Shannon’s gentle leadership and prompting through weekly chats and frequent check-ins mean having trail markers along this winding path called life. I need reminders to make my own desires and creativity priorities, and the Freelies do that for me.” ~Sarah

“What does the Live Freely Circle give me? It provides me a safe place to be vulnerable, to share and to seek support without fear of judgement, and to delight in our collective journeys. Shannon inspires our path toward creativity and authenticity through lessons, journal prompts, and guided meditations. Being in the circle is a virtual joining of arms from around the globe, lifting you up and encouraging you in sad times and rejoicing in your happy times. Soul care at its best!” ~Denise

The circle is a safe place to be yourself, to celebrate who you are and who you are becoming.  You will learn and practice invaluable soul care tips that will change your life and support you as you explore living more boldly, fully and freely.

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