I am writing to you after having kind of a freak out moment.

You see, if you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that one thing I struggle with the most is finding balance between staying-home with my children and giving my creative work the attention I desperately want to give it.

If you, too, are a creative mom, you totally understand the demands that come with raising kids along with expressing your creativity.

Eeeks. No one told me it would be this tough.

Yah, I love spending time with my children. Yes, I see how fleeting time is. Oh totally, I know that this stage too will pass.

But it’s tough.

Especially when you hit your FREAK OUT moments.

I’ve been really focused. Ultra focused on learning everything I need to know about creating Facebook ads, and marketing my new e-course, and learning how to make money for my family. I’m taking some big risks. Putting myself out there. Like hosting a LIVE online workshop – double eeeks.

And I’m doing this all while juggling.

Juggling the kids.
Juggling the meals.
Juggling the house.
Juggling my husband’s mood, my kids’ moods, my own moods….

Life can feel sooooooo hard sometimes.
Especially when things don’t go…smoothly.

Dang it. Or as my 2-year-old says, “Awwwww, man…”

I don’t have the magic formula. I can’t keep from freaking out because heck, I’m human.

Here’s what I do know.
When I take care of my inner world – my emotional health, my spiritual health, my creative health – I can bounce back from the freak-outs much quicker.

I can easily see what’s out of balance, what needs aren’t getting met, and where I need to focus my attention so that I can find center once again.

It takes practice.
It takes tools.
It takes inspiration and support to move beyond the fear that keeps us stuck.

It takes self-love, care and compassion to find the ease in life and to get to a place where life doesn’t have to be hard, or a struggle all. the. time.


We all struggle. It’s part of life.

Yet, there are tools we can use to help us feel better, so that we can experience what it means to live boldly, fully and freely. We can move beyond the freak-outs, move beyond the overwhelm, move beyond the limitations – so that the days (and our life) don’t pass us by.

NOW is our time.
NOW is YOUR time to enjoy your beautiful life – struggle and all.

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